Here is your ultimate guide to weight loss with Weight Watchers Blue Plan. Are you curious about the WW Blue plan? This article will give you a complete, in-depth guide to weight loss with MyWW Blue.

Weight Watchers Blue

Weight Watchers Blue Plan

If you have been following Weight Watchers for any amount of time, you know that Weight Watchers updates their program every few years. The newest Weight Watchers program, MyWW, allows members to choose between the Green, Blue, and Purple Plans.

In this ultimate guide to WW Blue, we guide you through the best foods to eat on Blue. We also include snacks, recipes, weight loss tips, and more.

Are you trying to decide if Weight Watchers Blue plan is the right one for you?

Choose MyWW BLUE if…

  • You liked Freestyle.
  • You enjoy zero point foods but don’t overeat them.
  • You don’t mind tracking but don’t want to track everything you eat.
  • Don’t like whole grains (prefer white).
  • You want a balance of daily points and zero point foods.
  • You lose weight best with a higher protein, low carb diet.

Before and After Weight Loss Success with MyWW Blue

People often ask which MyWW plan is the “best” but all the plans work equally well for weight loss success.

I am currently maintaining a 100+ pound weight loss, am at goal and Lifetime and have tried all 3 MyWW color plans. While there are benefits to all of them, personally I enjoy Blue the most and it’s the plan I use the majority of the time.

Blue gives you a huge variety of zero point foods while at the same time giving you enough daily points to eat out or enjoy a few treats or processed foods.

Some of the foods that are NOT on the Blue zero point list (like popcorn, whole grain pasta, and oatmeal) are just as well not zero points for those of us who struggle with portion control of carbohydrates.

Face to Face Before and After 110 pound weight loss - Borgstede

Face to Face comparison of my 100+ pound weight loss. Many people say I look younger now that I’ve lost weight. I’m actually 15 years older in the photo on the right!

What Does Blue Mean On WW?

The Weight Blue Plan is the previous Freestyle plan. If you enjoyed Freestyle and did well with it, you will do well with MyWW Blue.

If you struggled with Freestyle, you might do better with a different color plan, such as Green or Purple.

Blue includes a list of 200 zero point foods, so in addition to fruits and vegetables, you’ll be able to eat things like chicken, beans, Greek yogurt, and eggs without tracking them.

What Foods are Zero Points on Weight Watchers Blue?

Some of the Weight Watchers Blue zero point foods are fruits, veggies (potatoes are not included, but corn and other starchy veggies are), non-fat plain Greek yogurt, lean meats like chicken and turkey if 98% fat-free, eggs, beans, lentils, edamame, chickpeas, & salsa.

Try this White Chicken Chili that is zero points on WW Blue.

Click here for a complete printable list of the 200 WW Blue Zero Point Foods.

What Do Blue Plan Members Eat on Weight Watchers?

Remember that no food is off-limits on the WW program.

You can eat anything you want in moderation and count the points accordingly. You have weekly flex points to spend, as well.

Include plenty of vegetables and fruits because they are filling, nutritious, and satisfying. (And let’s not forget that most are zero points.)

Next, include lean protein in your meals. Good options are chicken breast, non-fat Greek yogurt, turkey breast, and tofu.

Then, add whole grains and healthy fats.

Healthy whole grain options include brown rice, whole wheat pasta, quinoa, and oatmeal.

WW is by nature a low-fat diet, but your body needs some healthy fat every day so be sure to spend the points for it guilt-free. Good options are olive oil, nuts, seeds, and avocado. Calories in fats add up quickly so be sure to measure portions with measuring spoons or a food scale.

Finally, enjoy some splurges. Weight Watchers is not about deprivation. Pizza, ice cream, chips and cookies can all be included in moderation. Make your food choices realistic for the long term.


How Many Points Do I Get With WW Blue?

Your daily points allowance and weekly flex points will be determined by the WW app and will vary based on your current weight, age, gender, and height.

Everyone gets at least 23 daily points on WW Blue (compared to 16 on Purple and 30 on Green).

How Does WW Blue Plan Work?

The My Weight Watchers Blue plan works because of calorie reduction.

Members lose weight because the program is set up to help you eat a lower calorie, lower fat diet. Zero point foods can be eaten to satisfaction and include fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins.

Your daily points allowance can be spent on any foods that have a points value, and each member also has a weekly flex points allowance that can be used all at once or spread out throughout the week.

Points for each food are determined by the quality of the food. Foods that are higher in protein or fiber have a lower points value. Foods that have added sugar and fat have a higher points value.


What Do I Eat On WW Blue Plan?

Here are some great recipes to enjoy on the Weight Watchers Blue plan for every meal of the day.

WW Blue Breakfast Options

Start your day off right with one of these breakfast options.

Dannon Light and Fit Greek Yogurt or Two Good Yogurt non-Fat, Flavor of Choice – MyWW Blue 2 points

Almonds, whole, ¼ cup – MyWW Blue 4 points

Eggs, scrambled with vegetables – MyWW Blue 0 points

Banana with 1 T natural peanut butter – 3 points

Banana Souffle for WW

WW Banana souffle is 3 points on WW Blue.

Banana Souffle – 0 points on Weight Watchers Blue

Weight Watchers Instant Pot Chocolate Peanut butter Oatmeal -This recipe feels like you are cheating! It’s that good and only 4 points on WW Blue.

50+ WW Breakfast Ideas – A complete list of breakfast foods, including recipes, fast food options, and more.

WW Coffee Hacks – Home-prepared, Starbucks orders, hot and cold coffee – we list everything java for WW members.

Weight Watchers Blue Lunches

Stop and re-fuel in the middle of the day with one of these healthy lunches.

WW Freestyle Zero Point Vegetable Soup – 1-2 cups, MyWW  Blue – 0 point per serving

Weight Watchers Vegetable Soup

WW zero point vegetable soup is a great lunch.

MyWW Green, Blue and Purple – 0 points

Trader Joe’s Salmon Burger – 2 points MyWW Blue. Get a complete list of WW Trader Joe’s options here.

Turkey burger on light bun or high-fiber tortilla such as Joseph’s tortilla, fruit – 5 points MyWW Blue.

Weight Watchers Chicken Cobb saladThis salad is one of my favorite Weight Watchers make ahead meals. We recommend making all the salads at once for easy meals this week. – 6 Points My WW Blue

Air Fryer Chicken Tenders – Crunchy, delicious chicken tenders that are as good as any store-bought variety. – 8 points MyWW Blue

Weight Watchers Meal Prep Cobb Salad

WW Cobb Salad is great to make ahead for a week’s worth of healthy lunches. 6 points on Blue.

WW Blue Dinner Options

Round out your day of healthy eating with these delicious dinners that are filling yet low in points.

Slow Cooker Chicken Gyros and steamed California mix (broccoli, cauliflower, carrots) – MyWW Blue 3 points

Air Fryer Greek Chicken Kabobs – Delicious, bright and healthy, serve with a side of Greek Cabbage and Bacon. – MyWW Blue Kebobs 4 points, Cabbage 2 points.

WW Thai Chicken Sheet Pan Meal – This recipe is only 6 points per serving and sheet pans meals make for easy clean up during a busy week day.

Instant Pot Salsa Chicken -If you enjoy cooking in the Instant Pot, this delicious chicken recipe is zero points and makes the perfect weekday dinner. – MyWW Blue zero points.


WW Blue Snack Options

Never go hungry with Weight Watchers! Here are some delicious options for snacks.

Light string cheese – 1 point on MyWW Blue.

100 Calorie Smart Popcorn or Kettle Corn – 3 points

2 Ingredient Dough Cinnamon Rolls – This classic is only 5 points on WW Blue.

WW Creamy Lime Dessert – This cool and creamy dessert is only 4 points per serving.

Hard-Boiled Eggs – 0 points. Use our Instant Pot Hard Boiled Egg or Air Fryer Hard Boiled Egg recipe.

Good Things crackers – 3 points and the serving size is large

Apple – 0 points

Grapes – 0 points (try them frozen!)

Pickles – 0 points

With these Weight Watchers Blue tips, food and meal ideas, recipes, and meal plans, you will be set up for amazing weight loss success.

Do you use the WW Blue plan? What foods work well for you? Share about it in the comments below.


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