If you are following the WW program and craving comfort food, check out these top 10 best Weight Watchers comfort food recipes. Weight loss is your goal but you don’t have to give up your favorite comfort foods like creamy casseroles, Chinese food, Mexican food and other family-friendly recipes.

10 WW comfort food recipes with meatballs and muffins

Check out these warm, delicious comfort food recipes and enjoy your favorite foods with a healthy twist. All of these recipes are family-friendly making them great ww dinner options for any busy family. You loved ones won’t even realize they are eating a healthier version of their favorites.

Weight Watchers Success – Before & After Weight Loss

I’ve been following Weight Watchers for many years and in fact lost most of my 100 lb weight loss following the program. Read more about my weight loss story here:

100 lb Weight Loss: HOW did you DO It? – Learn how I lost 100 pounds with WW and have been maintaining my weight loss for 15+ years. Includes lots of before and after photos.

100 lb Weight Loss: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) – Here are answers to the questions I receive most often about weight loss.

Sara Before and After

I lost 100+ pounds with WW.

Today, I run an online Christian women’s fitness and healthy eating program, Faithful Finish Lines, and I still follow the Weight Watchers program because it works.

These days I’m a WW Lifetime member at my goal weight, so I know the hard work is worth the effort.

Top 10 Weight Watchers Comfort Food Recipes

Enjoy these delicious recipes and enjoy all your favorite flavors without using too many points. These recipes will help you enjoy the foods you love and stay on program.

Each recipe is less than 6 points per serving on MyWW Green, Blue, and Purple which means you’ll have plenty of points left for the rest of the day.

All of these are excellent Weight Watchers recipes for family dinner so you aren’t stuck making a separate meal for yourself. With each of these family-friendly WW recipes, your loved ones won’t even know they are eating healthier.

1. WW Breakfast Casserole (1 point)  – Yes, seriously only 1 point per serving for this egg breakfast dish by Slap Dash Mom. For more WW breakfast recipes, check out our post of 50+ MyWW breakfast ideas (including some that don’t use eggs.)

WW Swedish Meatballs recipe

Weight Watchers Swedish Meatballs.

2. Healthy WW-Friendly Beef Stew (5 points) – A hearty, warm Beef Stew that is only 5 points per serving by You Brew My Tea. Serve it along with thick slices of our slow cooker two ingredient dough bread.
3. WW-Friendly Swedish Meatballs (5 points) – Creamy and satisfying, these meatballs by My Crazy Good Life will hit the spot and is a great WW ground beef recipe so it’s budget-friendly too.

4. Weight Watchers Sesame Chicken (6 points) – This Sesame chicken recipe is just as good as any take-out without loads of fat, by You Brew my Tea. Serve with brown rice, quinoa, or cauliflower rice.
5. WW Buffalo Turkey Meatballs (1 point) – These delicious little bites are just 1 point each so you can splurge. Plus, they are full of filling protein. If you don’t like spicy, make these with sugar-free BBQ sauce instead, such as G. Hughes or Primal.

WW Buffalo turkey meatballs

WW Buffalo Turkey meatballs.


WW pot pie low in points

WW Pot Pie Casserole

6. Weight Watchers Ranch Chicken (4 points) – Warm comfort food Ranch chicken by Penny Pincher Jenny.
7. Instant Pot Mushroom Risotto (5 points) – Creamy goodness for just 5 points, use as a side dish or a satisfying lunch by My Crazy Good Life.
8. Weight Watchers Chili (0 points)– Chili that’s zero points? Yes, really! This chili is zero points on MyWW Blue and Purple and low points on MyWW Green. This chili recipe is a reader favorite that is featured in our super-popular 3 day zero point meal plan.
9. Weight Watchers Chicken Pot Pie Casserole (6 points) – This chicken pot pie recipe is comfort food all the way by Slap Dash Mom.
10. Roasted Corn Soup (4 points) – Roasting corn gives it an amazing flavor in this yummy soup by Emily Bites.

Whether you are following Weight Watchers Freestyle or the new MyWW Green, Blue, and Purple plans, each of these savory, comforting recipes will fit into your points budget easily, leading to weight loss.

Bonus! More Weight Watchers Comfort Food Recipes

And, here are 3 more recipes just because we love awesome comfort food!

  1. The Holy Mess Salsa Chicken (0 points) by The Holy Mess – This recipe is a staple you will use for tacos, taco bowls, and more.
    Mexican chicken

    The Holy Mess Salsa Chicken is comfort food all the way.

  2. Weight Watchers Pumpkin Muffins (3 points) – These moist, tender muffins are a great addition to any of the recipes listed above or pair them with a bowl of WW soup like our WW zero point Jerk Chicken soup or Weight Watchers cabbage soup.
  3. Healthy Crock Pot French Dip (5 points) – This French dip is one of my family’s favorite recipes and so easy to make in the slow cooker.
    Delicious WW pumpkin muffins 2 ingredient

    These warm, spicy muffins have the best pumpkin flavor.

With these recipes, you’ll be able to enjoy the comfort foods you love while staying within your Weight Watchers daily points target and get to your goal weight. Weight loss doesn’t mean giving up foods you love.

What’s your favorite Weight Watchers comfort food recipe? Share in the comments below.

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